About Us

We’re a small business, just me and my wife. I have all the fun in the workshop, finishing orders and carving out new ideas, while Karen looks after everything else! We love what we do and do what we love.

I’m an Aussie who moved to Ireland with the love of my life, we met in Australia, fell in love and the rest is history! The first thing I ever carved from a whiskey barrel was a set of cufflinks for my best mate in Australia (I couldn’t make his wedding so this was the next best thing). Positive feedback came flooding back about his cufflinks, my thoughts began to run away with the idea that this could be a great way of making a living. That was back in 2015, and as it turns out my dreams of working for myself and doing what I love have come true. These days I still feel lucky to be able to create special pieces for people all over the world.

We want to give our customers a piece of Irish whiskey heritage with a traceable story.

I still get excited cutting into a raw stave to see what the wood grain is like. I look for a nice balance of beautiful oak grain and unique whiskey staining of the wood.

We have something for everyone, from men’s wedding gift sets to women’s earrings. Knowing that every single item that leaves our workshop is as unique as your finger print. Each piece has its own unique pattern that cannot be replicated again so no two pieces are ever the same.